A beautiful opera house

passionateaboutopera81The State Opera house appears quite different during day and at night. I went there to watch an opera at balcony box at a reasonable price. The champagne I had during the rest was really nice and it only cost 60 Kc. I enjoyed my time watching show there.
On my last trip to Prague I’d this Shakespeare play that has been playing in French. I made the decision to go and really got a seat using a few others. The sound was non- the sound that is natural and microphone was quite great. It was like stepping back into the 1600’s. The structure is simply fabulous.
We looked online for some last minute tickets and decided to try to go to the opera whilst in Prague. We were and went to see Nabucco sat on the balcony for CZK490 each. The opera house is a fantastic building and the ornamentation is fantastic. We both truly loved the experience even though we’d never been to the opera.
passionateaboutopera82A music-lover are you and if you’re in Prague, regardless of what performance is on, you must proceed to the State Opera simply to enjoy the building’s beauty along with the ambiance of the theatre.
We appreciated a wondeful performance of The Barber of Seville during our recent visit to Prague (it was part of the Music Festival), having reserved through PragueExperience.com. All was in order with our etickets and we loved a beautiful performance in this magnificent building. They were exceptional and free from any obstacles, although we’d seats left, which as I remember were the second most high-priced seats.
The edifice is at the very highest part of town, (above Wenceslas Square) and demands a bit of a walk, but at the beginning of September that was okay. In midwinter tram or the metro would not be worse.
passionateaboutopera83Never been to a ballet and it was exactly what I envisaged. The most pricey seats were bought by us and it is considerably cheaper than a similar experience in the uk. Really high end production with amazing orchestra to boot that is amazing and dancers. Quite befitting the opulent setting of this imperial building. Unfortunately we arrived just in the nick of time and caught any old seat to help us. Fortunately through the rest we had acquainted ourselves. The crowd were all suitably attired and I will be thankful of my post about what to wear, on this newsgroup and am really grateful. The huge gripe for me personally was the lack – not being a devotee of ballet I just had a vague inkling of the story during the performance. Certainly the opera isn’t something I had normally do which is why we went clubbing afterwards.

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