Beautiful venue to enjoy an Opera

passionateaboutopera51The opera house is amazing inside. Very elaborate. The tour is very interesting and you learn some history. They do a couple of tours in several languages every day at 3 and 4pm. Highly recommended.
It definitely worth paying more to get a ticket and visiting, otherwise you can’t see that many things from the top seats! Amazing feeling and ornamentation
Travelers take note – so you must prepare yourself to be a bit jammed in and the seats are very close together. I sprung to get a box and was surprised to have three in a space across ( really for 2), and have 4 people sitting on seats. It was not what I expected from a box seat at all. The Opera offers translation to English and Hungarian which was pleasant as well as the performers were quite great.
passionateaboutopera53One caveat, the performers do serve food/beverage (small choice) but you desire Euros. They do not take any form of card – which meant I had to go to the gift shop to buy water (as it was really stuffy).
Lovely building, but be sure you get a seat along a railing. I am a standard height of 6′. We had lots of space and changed seats to the row along the edge of the upper balcony using a railing looking out on the floor below.
We essentially fell into a tour of the opera house before the season had begun.

passionateaboutopera52I’ve been 4 times as well as the performances have ever been brilliant. However you shouldn’t utilize a Balcony should you would like to see anything and the booths are all on a single level. It truly is nevertheless a very beautiful building and also the tour is fascinating.

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