Opera in Budapest

Budapest Opera House InteriorBudapest formed in 1873 from the unification of Pest, Buda, and Óbuda followed shortly after by the highly anticipated opening of the Hungarian Opera House in September, 1884. Attended by Franz Joseph I. the Opera House was opened with great excitement and ceremony, that the big event quickly turned into slight chaos as the anxious crowd broke through into the entrance hall and overran the security guards in order to catch their first glimpse of the spectacular Palace. Taking in the beautiful paintings and sculptures created by many of Hungary’s leading artists of the time!

Budapest Opera House today will simply enchant you!

You will be greeted by stunning neo-Renaissance architecture which will lead you to hundreds of paintings & statues decorating the interior & exterior, all positioned in various places around the opera house. Many of these statues are of the worlds greatest composers. An opportunity to see and know the faces behind the musical compositions, through the hands of famous Hungarian sculpture artists. Once inside you will be awed by the opulent & spectacular gold gilding in the main auditorium, the ceiling covered with hand painted murals. The interior of this Opera House is architecturally delightful, a real insight into the past eras of Budapest style and history.

An impressive building equally from the exterior through to the interior. Just being in its presence will entice you to long to see a performance in such an atmospheric building, an evening to remember over a glass of Hungarian wine.

These days great excitement comes from the stunning performances and the famous international stars such as Cecilia Bartoli, Monserrat Caballé, Renée Fleming, Luciano Pavarotti and José Cura, to name just a few, to perform on its famous stage. The Hungarian cast includes the outstanding and well renowned artists such as Ilona Tokody, Éva Marton, Andrea Rost and Gábor Bretz.

So join the great and good and enjoy a break to this vibrant cultural centre with regular flights, superb accommodation and prices that will cause a modern day riot!

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