Opera Teatro Filarmonico Feature Picture Lge Not so much extras but essentials that can really make a difference to your holiday.

Unless you enjoy the public transport in Estonia you may want to hire a car!

To protect your cash and any unexpected costs such as medical bills you better get some holiday insurance.




Holidays are supposed to be relaxing, enjoyable and stress-free…however as we all know that is not always the case. Preparation is the key to a happy holiday so that even when something does go wrong you are prepared in the best way to deal with it.

Take a look at a few little helpful holiday tips below:

– purchase a package deal in one click of the mouse (Contact Us and let us to take care of that for you!)

-let your bank know that you will be travelling abroad..always helpful

– print out your boarding pass at home and make a copy just in case

– leave early enough not to give yourself time for any little hiccups along the way

– travel light (depending on your trip) best not to have to check any bags if not needed

– head directly to and through security

– know how long it takes to get to your gate, depending on airports this can vary greatly

– and know your airports for connection times … missing a flight is never a good thing!

Hopefully these little tips will help you enjoy traveling this season!

Happy holidaying!  

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