Less than an hour and a half from London and you standing in this Flemish-y, Spanish-y, Dutch-y, Austrian-y, Germany, French-y Fancy of a city! An incredible blend of its past heritage expressed in its diverse architecture that will make you question which country you are actually in at every turn of a corner! Stepped gables give way to the baroque via the Spanish influenced Vieille Bourse (compete with Flamenco at the weekend!).






As well as the visual beauty that this city has to offer there are the culinary delights, and once again you can’t fail but to be impressed – this is a city that prides itself on its fine cuisine and wines for your degustation!





Visite_10_07_2016_Paul_Graham (17)You can easily explore the city on foot – much of the centre is now pedestrianised and off the main squares the streets follow the routes of the now filled in canals and are lined with a superb array of shops and eateries. You may prefer to tour (and exercise!) by bike, by tricycle or by open top bus or even by 2CV! There are museums to explore, cathedrals built in stages and one of the top attractions in France to visit – Lille Zoo which is strangely in these days free to enter! With regular stops for coffee, wine or the wide selection of local beers and one of the plateau a partager (delicious meat and/or cheese boards) you can watch the world pass in this city of cultures!


DSC_0055Culturally this city has an abundance of venues for theatre, dance and opera with an incredible choice of traditional and modern performances throughout the year. And if you fancy a flutter or a touch of cabaret you are in the right place for it!

At Christmas the city comes into its own – near enough to do a day’s Christmas shopping – far enough to be very different!

With such a diverse choice on your doorstep this little city is the ideal short break or relaxing holiday destination – call us on 01213 573 866 to discuss how you can fall in love with Lille!


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