A night at the opera not to be missed

passionateaboutopera71I’ve always wished to see an opera here and i was not disappointed. Among the very most gratifying experiences -and I am not an opera buff by any means. My sons aged 9 and 12 were taken by me and they loved it also-although they got a little bit bored in components. Fantastic show- Aida. We loved it and sat in the unnumbered rock steps but you need to get there early to get a good speck and be powerful enough to stop latecomers pushing in. These seats are great for aura although not suitable for elderly or disabled guests-the loos are a small hike a  lso.
Though Verona is regarded as the most intimate city as a result of Giulliet’s “casa”, which will be quite fine, but actually not an actual one – I was considerably more impressed by the Arena of Verona. passionateaboutopera73This amphitheater is regarded as certainly one of the very best -preserved among this kind of buildings in Northern Italy! Not only it’s opened for tourists – in summer it is a place for Opera! We were blessed to get tickets to Aida opera, that was fantastically orchestrated when it comes to decorations of use of space.
Plenty of fire, plenty of sparkle, there’s an excellent view from nearly every place (thanks to Rome architects, lol), sound that is good and so many people in a position to attend this spectacular event.
I was trully impressed and happy to be there – if you are lucky to be throughout the Opera season dont hesitate to go there and check it out – completely worthwhile, unforgettable experience!
But, would not have missed it.
The outdoor stadium is quite striking and you certainly can’t miss this in the city’s middle. Tickets are various prices determined by where you would like to sit as in pretty much any theatrical site. We’d tickets – these are not seats as such but rock patios that you see in amphitheaters globally. After you have climbed the many steps into the arena – you sit where you’ll locate a space. If you plan to remain fr the whole performance you might want to invest in a pillow to sit on as those terraces are a bit difficult on the bum!
The opera was quite a spectacle – and value going. It could get somewhat chilly late at night if you’re planning to stay till the end which in our case was 1am, in the summer so may be worth taking more layer of clothes.
passionateaboutopera72Saw the opera Carmen. We purchased tickets for the initial segment of marble steps un- numbered and had no trouble in finding a place about three quarters of an hour prior to the opera began. It was an exceptionally hot and do rent or purchase cushions to sit and lean on as it is well worth it for comfort. The marble steps get hot through the day, three quarters of an burn when they are touched by you! The opera was longer than it might have already been in the uk. Started at 9pm and finished at 1.05am. There are lots of great opportunities to buy drinks in the many sellers who come round at each interval and they were not massively overpriced. An attractive place to host a great experience and an opera even if you don’t frequent the opera at home.

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