Opera and Ballet Theater

stpetersburg-operaThe ballet is superb, high level professionals an unforgettable spectacle. I didn’t like the theater since it’s really little, determined by the place you sit, the view of the stage is injured. The seats are not reserved. My advice: arrive and try a minumum of one hour ahead of the start of show to make sure an excellent seat.
This is one theater that is amazing! You are seated with all of the dancers at eye level, miss the orchestra pit, and have an unobstructed view of the entire stage due to the unique contours/placing of this carton. We purchased the whole carton of FOUR seats to insure a fantastic view but encouraged a 3rd individual to join us. We loved the brilliant, unobstructed seating extraordinary to this carton. Take note the boxes on either side of Box 14 normally don’t appreciate the same views that are remarkable.
If you are into music, this piece was composed by Tchaikovsky somewhat early in his career (his 40s I think) and was virtually instantaneously changed so that most performances usually are not in line with his initial. This operation deviated from your original, with the black swan danced by a guy, combined with the story was become a battle involving the men for the swan which was not black in part; it had a happy ending too. Just in case you’re a Tchaikovsky fan you realize the original is a struggle between two girls together with the finish is – well – Russian. Let’s put it that way.
A performance that’s very much worth the amount of money and attempt to attend and exceptional. I strongly recommend it.
stpetersburg-opera2I’m so happy that I went, although I was previously exhausted that day due to the sickness of a preceding night and examined bypassing this performance of Swan Lake. Although I am not a fantastic supporter that is ballet, this performance was entirely enchanting. The primary dancers were so good that it was nearly breathtaking. The performance kept me spellbound and wide awake although I expected to be bored and too tired to appreciate it.
The tour drove us to the theater in adequate time for the start of performance and picked us up in the boat. It gave us time enough to shoot pictures before the performance began and admire the theatre. There was also an intermission with time to get a toilet break; the men had to attend on-line but the women had batch of toilets.
I have seen “Swan Lake”, which I think is a bit typical, but it turned out to be a terrific addition to the complete St. Petersburg Encounter.

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