Opera in Rome

Opera Rome Text Picture LgeThe Teatro dell’ Opera is located in the historic center of Rome. Since opening in the late 1800’s, the teatro has been through many transformations over the years. The most recent restoration is in the Liberty style with 450 seats. Rome is a truly unique and beautiful city to explore, both day and night.

The Teatro dell’ Opera is located right in the heart of the city centre, only a mere stroll away from the many bars, restaurants and cafes.

Preparation first approach, the structural simplicity of the facade does not prepare you for the magnificently lavish interior of this restored 18th century opera house. Upon entering the auditorium you will be in for a visual treat. Be sure to take a few moments before the performance to soak in the plush gilt details of the interior. You will be greeted by grand tiered arched balconies curving beneath a truly striking ceiling fresco. Simply, a visually stunning space. Creating just the right atmosphere for the performance ahead, only to be enhanced by the beautifully amplified acoustics. Each element coming together, setting the tone for an evening to remember.

And, as we enter summer the company move to the ancient and dramatic ruins of the Baths of Caracalla for Rome’s renown open air opera. This ancient archaeological site creates a uniquely stunning backdrop beneath the magic of the night sky. An extraordinary atmosphere steeped in drama & history. Truly, an experience to treasure! We have a fantastic selection of short breaks and holidays to the city where civilisation began (and still leads the way) to which you can add the Opera(s) of your choice. From family run b&b to luxury beyond your dreams – let us create your Roman Holiday.

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