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Opera Milan Feature Picture PorThe Teatro alla Scala (popularly known as La Scala) is Milan’s most famous opera house. On a global scale, La Scala is recognised as one of the leading opera houses in the world, hosting the very first productions of many famous operas over the years with the official inauguration taking place in 1778. Throughout the last 200 years, the teatro has been steeped in history and drama. Most of Italy’s greatest operatic singers and many of the worlds finest singers & dancers have performed at the famous La Scala since its grand opening. In the early 1800’s La Scala was originally illuminated with oil lamps, (imagine the atmospheric imagery of such a grand space lit purely by candle light) it must have been breathtakingly intimate. With thousands of lamps placed throughout the entire theater, precautions had to be taken to prevent any risk of a fire, therefore rooms around the theater were filled with hundreds of water buckets, just in case. By the late 1800’s the oil lamps were replaced by gas lamps, which were then replaced by electric lights.

Unassuming from the outside, you  may expect something much more ornate from one of the worlds most famous teatros, well you won’t be disappointed when you walk through the front doors, a hidden gem, full of surprises. The auditorium itself is mesmerising in stature & opulence. The theaters very own Museum offers a true visual insight into the history of the teatro, showcasing various costumes, paintings, historic memorabilia, sculptures and musical instruments. Teatro alla Scala is brimming full of authenticity, rich in culture and history and world renowned for its creative productions. You will leave feeling moved and uplifted by the whole experience.

La Scala’s season traditionally opens on December 7, Saint Ambrose’s Day, Milan’s patron saint. All performances must end before midnight; long operas start earlier in the evening if need be. Ticketholders are not allowed to enter after the performance has begun. No exceptions are made, as Richard Burton once discovered!.

Until you’ve experienced La Scala you haven’t experienced Opera!

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