Theatre & Opera in Rome

cossacks5Rome has a lively scene for individuals who love opera and teather. From historical theatre pieces from a musical to opera compositions, the town offers a broad variety of opportunities, with her off theaters or with her more institutional theatres.
For the classical music buffs, a particular reference would go to the Auditorium which hosts moreover Organization of the esteemed music foundation and the Accademia di Santa Cecilia.
Highlight of our visit to Rome this season. There were tons of seats available the night of Saturday, 02 August 2014 although we got our tickets online. At the start of performance everyone went down to seats that were empty. As it is an amphitheater all on a single incline, no must buy high priced seats. We missed a bus and we had no difficulty getting there by bus, did not want to wait and although we ended up walking home as the opera finished at midnight. So weather is a variable, there is absolutely no roof. We had a small rain delay in the middle but the rain ceased together with the music.

bolshoi_1Our family of three attended the final performance of Carmen for the season and it had been glorious. Simon Orfila was notably grand as Escamillo the Toreador although all of the singing was brilliant. It requires great talent make it your own yet that’s just what he did and to choose such familiar music. The sets and costumes were top notch and at times the performers and chorus on the stage numbered in the hundreds. It was a truly stunning performance. The theater is quite unassuming from the outside but inside it’s lavishly decorated in crimson and gold using a gigantic chandelier of Murano glass at the center of the painted mural in the ceiling. We’d bought the tickets months before utilizing the official website which allowed us, in English, to choose exactly the seats we wanted from a map of the theater. We printed our tickets off and had no issues in the theatre. Patrons were rather nicely dressed. We were glad we did; the chinos and casual shirts we wore for the rest of our holiday wouldn’t have cut it. An actual highlight of our entire holiday that is Italian.
I had exceptionally suggest this to anyone interested in ballet/opera, etc. The theater has all costumes throughout the building from various performances, and itself is astonishing. One tip – I Had steer away from balcony tickets. The balcony boxes are astonishingly small, and the theater actually piles the chairs in. Most “day of” tickets are on the 4th number.

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