Venetian Music Opera

Opera Venice Text Picture PorOne of the most famous theaters in all of Europe is situated in one of the most magical place in Europe, the stunning city of Venice. Teatro La Fenice (“The Phoenix”) has poetically ‘risen from the ashes’. Its name reflecting the lose of two theaters to fire and leagal problems only to re-build and re-open giving life again to the Opera company, where many premiers of famous Operas would take place.

The latest reconstruction began in 2001, with the intent of trying to recreate the intimate ambience & magnificence of the earlier 19th century styled theater using still photographs captured from previous performances as their reference.  Together, 200 specialised craftsmen spent just under two years to complete the remarkable theater well know today as ‘The Phoenix’.

A lovely walk through the  charming old streets of Venice, near Plaza San Marco, you will find the rebirth of this opera house gem. Seating up to 1000 people, teatro La Fenice’s atmosphere is majestic, romantic & intimate. Creative staging, a full orchestra & un-miked performers add to the intimate authentic experience. It is highly recommend to take time to look up & around the teatro at its breathtaking beauty. Admiring the impressive high ceilings & gilt decorated balconies, beautiful angelic frescos, plush textiles & crystal chandeliers dripping from the ceiling. You will be transported to a different era, 19th century style. Such creative craftsmanship & beauty to appreciate. All of this to take in before the performance has even begun!

Fall in love with Opera in Venice, experience it for yourself…its the only way!

Marry the romantic city of Venice with the Grandeur of La Fenice and you have the perfect combination. Combine a romantic stay in Venice with a performance to one of the world’s most famous Theatres and who know’s where the heart will take you!


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